The Araiya Anthology collection is sheer poetry — a portfolio of hotels and resorts that is spirited, charismatic and exudes a charming sense of whimsy. Each of our properties is quirky, yet distinct, with an ethos deeply rooted in environmental sustainability, community development, and unique travel experiences. We aim to rekindle a spark of adventure and discovery in the travelling soul.

Where the sight of seagulls darting into the surf makes you smile, the scent of freshly ground coffee tickles your nostrils, a soothing massage makes you glow… bond with one another, reconnect with nature, experience ethnic culture, embark on a wild adventure, and savour the delectable flavours of regional cuisine. Lose yourself in Araiya Anthology’s signature style and comfort, from the moment you wake up, until your head touches the pillow.

Allow your curiosity to be your compass. Explore travel’s best-kept secrets in far-flung corners of India without a qualm. Venture off-the-beaten-path, only to come home to a stunning resort that is distinguished by a strong sense of place and local character. From the time you start planning your trip, throughout your journey, and right until your return, Araiya Anthology’s operations team makes the entire experience seamless.

Relax. Revitalize. Recalibrate. Every stay at Araiya Anthology is designed to uplift your spirits and create a spark of joy. Open your eyes and soak up every thoughtful touch that makes your stay so special. From local artwork, to hand blended spa products, to customised dietary consultations, we think through every detail of your stay — so that you don’t have to think at all. Let yourself go with the flow and experience the magic that we create.

Open your eyes to a world of wonder! From ancient ruins to tribal art, there’s culture to be explored at every corner. Whether its hiking up mountain trails, luxuriating in a soothing spa treatment, yoga at sunset, a market visit, or a walk by the seashore, a variety of experiences and adventures await, within striking distance of our hotels.

It’s time to leave behind the daily grind and step into Araiya Anthology’s world of sweet serendipity. Are you ready?